Robert Eschbach, Thomas Deiß, Martin Kronenburg,
Universität Kaiserslautern
Fachbereich Informatik
Postfach 3049
67653 Kaiserslautern, Germany

A Framework for the Analysis of Formal Description Techniques for Timed Systems, SFB 501, Internal Report 05/98, Universität Kaiserslautern, 1998. (Gzipped Postscript, 88 KB, 24 pp)

There are a large variety of quite different formal description techniques (FDTs) to describe the ongoing behavior of systems. In this paper a unifying framework for such FDTs is presented, which enables their comparison in a common setting. This framework is a specialization of the institutions of Goguen and Burstall to signatures and structures involving time. It is shown that the temporal logic MTL can be properly instantiated within this framework.